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I use 6 egg whites, 1 C. sugar, 2 1/2 sticks of butter, pinch of salt, and high quality vanilla (or whatever flavor) to taste.
I make SMBC (pretty much the same as IMBC) but it was way to buttery for my taste. Instead of 4 sticks of butter, I now make it with 2 1/2 sticks. It turns out just as beautiful and it tastes like heaven!
I've never tried it, but I've heard it's not the same consistency as MMF. It doesn't get firm enough to work with.
I'm so confused, a 3 teir wedding cake and a smash cake and candles... is it a wedding or a birthday or both?
Too funny!!
Ok that's disgusting. When I had my 4th baby via c-section, during the list of questions they asked when I checked in was "Do you want to keep your placenta?". I said, "Um, no. Are you kidding?". They said some people like to keep it. I said "For what??" They said they plant it under a tree, or some people eat it. Apparently it's the only way to eat "meat" without something dying. I declined. Sorry it's gross, just had to share!
Have you tried the WASC recipe? It makes a great wedding cake.'d do fondant pearls around the borders if she doesn't want dragees.
Here's one
I love the upsidedown method! I did it with ganache and it was perfect. But I'm too scared to do anything larger than a 12". Just make sure your bench scraper is straight - mine is rounded a tiny bit on the corners. It still worked great, I just had to go back after it set and shave off the excess.
I avoid fondant on a 16" square like the plague Here's one I wanted fondant on, so I got "creative" because I did not want to do one piece of fondant on there. do not like doing a 16" square.
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