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Yes, BUT - I do agree with the OP that some "custom bakeries" put out cakes that look and maybe even taste just like this one. I've seen pictures on the walls and websites of custom shops that have lumpy fondant, sloppy buttercream, leaning tiers, etc. I would expect the large pictures on a wall would feature the shop's BEST work. If that's their best work, they're sunk. Honestly, if someone is putting out WalMart standard product, they should expect WalMart...
I agree that every once in a while WalMart nabs themselves a talented decorator. They are then given maybe an hour to decorate that 3 tier cake. Aaaannnnd this is the result. It's not horrible, but I wouldn't go singing the praises of WalMart cakes looking at this one. It looks like a very very beginner cake. No offense to WalMart or your sister, but it's on par with what I'd expect from a chain.
I wouldn't be surprised. Sam's uses Bettercreme, and they are the same company.
Debi's method is the best!
Although really, I think if someone came on here admitting that their assistant made a sub-par looking cake and it was all the wrong flavor, I'm pretty sure everyone here would say "full refund due!!".
But silver dust is not meant for consumption either - correct?
You know what? That's a lot better than MY first tiered cake. It looks really nice! Advice? I'd say just keep practicing smoothing the buttercream and make your roses with more depth. Flat roses look like cabbages Great job though!!
Family, good friends, charities I support, etc. I made a huge cake for my daughter's ballet recital, it was a big celebration. I only do a couple huge ones a year and the rest are small family cakes.
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