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Actually, I have 2 kids with April birthdays, so we're celebrating them with family/friends together as one party because it's out of town. One turns 4 and one turns 2, so at this age, it's more fun to have one big combined birthday! April's been insane, and I'm glad it's almost over!!eringm- White chocolate mud cake sounds divine! I've got to try that some time!
I'm working on a 5 tier for a non-profit daycare center's fundraiser. Complete with RKT cupcake on top. With the leftover batter, I'm making cuppies for my kids' birthday party this weekend. I'm so glad this is only a hobby. I could NOT do this every night!
Ok that's the part that I think is honestly disgusting. I know it was a gift for a friend, but if my dog was licking or eating ANY of it, I would've thrown it away and baked a new fresh one. I would stay up all night to do it. I would never, ever serve something my dog slobbered on.
I too have a major in Criminology with a minor in Psychology. I spent 2 years as a Corrections Officer. Then I had a baby. That absolutely chaged my priorities and my idea of "fun" no longer included dealing with drunks and fighters. I thought Criminology was cool, and I enjoyed the schoolwork, but it was depressing day after day. I felt like I was the inmate! Now I have 4 kids, and I homeschool them and we're adopting more from Ethiopia. If you would've asked me 10...
Bwahahahahaha!! This thread just got really interesting!
People don't think before they talk. I'm sure I've offended someone along the line too. I used to run a daycare out of my home. One parent (who was pretty nice but very spacey) said "so I suppose you want to get paid this week". Ummmm, really? Does YOU'RE boss say that to YOU on payday? Do you want your kid to come back on Monday? Then get out your wallet and stop complaining about the cost of childcare. Or stay home and raise your own kid. Honestly, people think...
I do it a lot. I have a great white chocolate bc recipe with white chocolate pudding mix. It does feel grainy at first, but just let it sit a while to break down the pudding and it's great!
I did ganache under buttercream once. It was for a cake that had to travel 3 hours. I had inteded to use fondant over the ganache, but humidity was wreaking havoc with my MMF. SoI whipped up some BC and voila! It tasted great, everyone loved it.
When I cut mine in half, I pipe a line of BC vertically on one side. Then after I've separated them and filled them, I position my cake so the BC line is in line again.
I would add to this - what is your skill level worth? Two decorators could have pretty much the same ingredient/hourly cost and have two completely different skill levels. Higher skill level can demand higher prices.
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