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Ooh cinnamon coffee cake sounds great! 
What about a bundt cake with a sprinkle of powdered sugar?
I  bake everything at 325 for a longer time and I cut off any dome because my kids and DH like cake scraps.  Just to make sure, OP, you are flipping your cake upside down and using the nice flat bottom as your top, correct?
It's the one on the CC home page.
He left the BC layer very uneven and not smooth at all.  That's going to show through fondant.  He only put a very thin layer of BC on, I use a nice full layer because people like BC and I make sure I take the time to make it perfect before I put on the fondant.  That's why his fondant is lumpy.  Those are the major ones.  Some minor preferences - I don't like the weird flower spray on top, I don't like the plastic pillars ( I use SPS) and he didn't mention putting a...
I saw that one too.  I use BC because I can't imagine getting a side piece with a big chunk of fondant in there.  He did several things I don't do though, that wasn't the only one.
I love dense cake.  I don't like it when people say it's "sweet".  It makes me think the frosting is too sugary or something.  I know it's cake, but I do NOT like frosting so sugary it hurts your teeth.  I stick with IMBC or an all-butter ABC with 1/2 the normal amount of sugar.
  Completely agree!
You can charge what you want.    It would be nice to let her know that she has to pay for 5 min. of decorating and it will be $1.67 (assuming you make $20 per hour).  No wonder people feel nickel and dimed.   I just don't see how putting 2 ribbons (even when one of them is sparkly and has a fancy name) on 3 tiers would ever take 30 min.  Even if it did, it's an extra $10 (again assuming you make $20 per hour) for a repeat customer.  Not worth it for me, but it's your...
When I want a quick, easy yet beautiful cake, I go to the rose swirl (I am baker) technique or the buttercream ruffles.  I don't have to mess with fondant and they look so pretty and girly!
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