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I have been thinking of bying those pans my self so I would be very interested in any info as well...I didn't know if you could just stack them up like regular of if you had to carve out the center like you do for a regular topsy turvey???
I bought "The Mat" from sweet wise and I love it...I use it for any cake that I have is easy to pick up the fondant and place it on the is around 15.00 and well worth every penny...there is a thread on you tube but I can't find it right can go to and they will have a video for you to watch....hope it helps...
Thank you so much...I have seen the wires in packages before but to pay 5 dollars for 5 of them will get pretty expensive...I will try this...
I have seen several cakes with the wire in the cakes with fondant balls on them. Most on topsy turvey cakes what kind of wire do you use and do you stick in straight in the cake or do you insert a coffee stirrer in first for you insert the wire in??
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