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HELP! Hubby made me a nice and sturdy 18" cake board 1/2 " thick.I want to reuse it often. If I cover the board in royal icing will it come off? Can I "crack" it off, soak it off or is royal better suited for throw-away boards? If so, then I'll just cover the board in fondant like I usually do. Thanks so much.
I agree with Jaimelt76 that the Wilton set is a good place to start. Plastic cutters have a HUGE advantage over metal in two ways 1) they won't rust 2) they don't bend like the metal ones can.
I like my metal rose cutter set from Sugar Craft. It has 6 different petal cutters in 6 sizes, the largest being 2." You can make a variety of different size roses. I also bought the large rose petal veiner. Don't forget to order wire, too.
This is how I cut the cost of fondant covered cake boards:1) cover a 10 inch round 1/2 inch thick cake board with fondant.2) cut a 7 inch circle out of the middle of this and save for another use.3) top with 8 in cake!This way you use less fondant. Works for me!
Thanks all of you for the help. These sound like they're going to be a lot of fun. I have many craft punches I can try out on these sugar sheets.
What about chocolate flavored roll out cookies? Chocolate chip or nut cookies would probably be too bumpy to put fondant on top of I would think.
I like the fact that you don't need toothpicks! And Americolor Super Red is the best red. But I DO like the thicker consistancy of the Wilton gels for light colors.
I think I'll try them. Michael's has a buy two get one free deal going on this week on all the new punches, sugar sheets and the new molds.
Has anyone tried the new Wilton sugar sheets?Just wondering if regular craft punches will work on these and also what they taste like. Thanks
...oh yeah, then I brushed the boat with a tiny bit of shortening and then applied the fondant. HTH.
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