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Did you have your flowers near a window? Direct sunlight can fade gumpaste flowers. I had this happen with purple fondant/gumtex flower left by a sunny window...they faded to a pinkish color.
Here's one I found that I am going to try for a July 4 th cherry cola cake:2c. butter2 1/2 c. powdered sugar1 tsp. almond extract1 13 oz. jar marshmallow cream (fluff)Beat butter gradually adding sugar till fluffy. Beat in almond extract. STIR in fluff.
I was hoping Wisconsin would be passing a cottage food law.I don't want to make a ton of money or take anybody's business away.I am just an enthusiastic hobby baker who wants to sell a cake here and there without ending up in jail!
I use a clay extruder I bought from Michaels. They have a large one and a small one. I recommend getting the big one with a coupon. Fondant is not hard to push through if it is fresh. I use mine often. Happy caking!
Ive always wondered why one would use a cake ring instead of a cake pan? Anyone?
The beauty of so many of the cakes here on CC make me keep pushing myself to get better with each cake I make.I especially love to see it when a newbie's cakes get better and better because of hanging out on here.I have learned sooo much from cake central ! We are all lucky to have this site! Keep caking everyone.
If you can't get Tappits, there's new letters called Windsor Clicksticks that have a built in ejector you could try.
These sound really good. By a 400g tin of pie apples, do you mean sweetened apple pie filling from a can?
Thanks guys, off to make my board!
Oh, hello, Texas Sugar!I never thought of that. I don't know what I would use to cover it with though because the shape is round.I plan on covering the edge of the board with ribbon no matter which way I go, fondant or royal.
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