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[quote="carmijok"]If you can, why not just paint your writing or decor on with a fine paintbrush and your gel colors? You can thin with extract if necessary, but I think it works better than the pens.I agree with carmijok. I just thin my gels with a tiny bit of vodka and paint away!
CONGRATULATIONS, LISA!Looks like being a CC forum addict really paid off. I am happy for you. BTW, your cuppie is adorable!
I use parchment.
Fresh fondant makes all the difference. I learned this the hard way!
I strongly recommend the one from Michael's that has the crank. It's much easier on your hands. Comes in very handy. Also, use very fresh fondant.
I will be uploading many cookies to my photos later if you are interested in seeing how they turn out with my recipe...
Royal icing makes cookies rock hard...use a glace as suggested. I uses royal for outlining ONLY, then I fill in with this:1 c. powdered sugar1 Tbls. corn syrup1-2 Tbls. water or milkThe colors are not as vibrant as royal as Torimomma said,BUT there is an easy remedy to this problem if you can just get your hands on it. Solution: Wilton White White Icing color. End of problem and your cookies will stay soft. Flavor it with whatever you like. Yumm.
I just discovered the most AWESOME crusting buttercream here on CC from a recent post just like this. I tried it and loved it. It's in the recipe section and called Extra Special Buttercream. It worked great in 90 degree Wisconsin weather, needs no refrigeration and tastes great. I normally do not like ANY buttercreams with shortening in them, but this one it fantastic! Add 1/2 c. of Hershey's coco for chocolate. Wow. Colors nicely, too.You control how much you want it to...
I wrap mine while still hot in two layers of saran wrap (as per a tip on CC) then in foil and freeze immediately. I put them right back in their pans so they freeze flat. Thawing depends on the size/ thickness of the cakes.
Would disco dust work? That stuff is about as "blingy" as you can get. Sparkles like diamonds.
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