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I used red gel-dyed piping gel for the blood on my sword cake (in my photos.) Although this might be too runny for this purpose. Americolor SuperRed dye will make a nice deep blood red. Maybe just dye your buttercream red and thin it out with a little water and drip it on. HTH.
I do many cookies on sticks (see photos). My preferred method is carefully inserting sticks before baking. I then turn the cookie over and press a long thin piece of dough over the stick line to make sure the stick will be baked inside. Then turn cookie back over. I have never had a cookie fall off the stick yet.HTH.
I have a farm cake in my photos with cake pop farm animals that maybe will give you some ideas.
I agree with everyone else: Do NOT refrigerate them. I freeze my cakes warm now overnight (to me it makes them more moist.) Also there is a cake in the recipe section on here that I would reccommend for moisture problems. It's called Durable 3D and Wedding Cake. It has sour cream in it and stays moist longer than some. Remember, cuppies will always dry out faster than cakes because they are so tiny! Good luck.
Thanks, mcaulir.....I've wanted to do chocolate transfer sheets for awhile but wasn't sure how!
I just use the Wilton candy colors. They have always worked for me. Never tried regular gels, though.
The only thing I can think of is to make sure the fondant pieces are really dry. And then don't put your pieces in the water until the last minute. HTH.
I have stopped using Betty Crocker completely since they made this change because I use doctored box recipes and don't want to waste money trying their new smaller product. I used Dunan Hines or Pilsbury now. Their loss.
....what about those super thin pretzel stix coated in white candy melts and then sprinkled with white sanding sugar? Or your could make them out of thinly rolled pieces of gumpaste and then coat them in candy melts for strength, maybe? Just a thought because I want to do a branch cake for christmas. Hope that helps.
For the sailboat cake in my photos, I didn't use any piping gel at all. I just added a little extra powdered sugar to my regular buttercream recipe. HTH. Good luck on your cake.
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