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Thank you all so much! I have no cake boards and cake is due today. Off to frost my cake.
Can I put cake on seperator plate without cake board??? Help cake due today.
Wilton's Icing white works great on cookie glaze and icings but I've never tried it on fondant. I'm not sure if the fondant would dry correctly.
I just purchased a Ballerina Lace Mold by RVO from GSA. It came with no instructions at all. Does anyone know anything about this. Any info would help. It's made of hard plasic with a rubber backing. Thanks.
wilton makes a product called cake sparkles. It is light and fluffy not heavy like sanding sugar so it wouldn't be as hard and crunchy. I get mine at Michael's.
Pat, pat, pat. I think you did a good job.
Hi, This is my first ever post and I am also an overdecorator. But to me your cake looks the best "overdone!"
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