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It could be carved cake or RKT. If the whole thing was fondant it would be way to heavy because of size.
I agree. I would be lost without CC.
Hello all,I have been asked to make these two cakes and don't know how much to charge. The peace sign cake is a 6 inch on top of a 10 inch. The tool belt cake has a full sheet cake under the floor.Any help would be appreciated because I always undercharge and these cakes are so much work! These two cakes are in my photos...I am trying to add the attatchments and it won't let me...
I made a really cool toolbelt with tools for the top of a cake...the recipient liked it so much he was wondering if there is a way to "preserve" this piece of art for awhile??? I have never heard of this. Could I coat it in edible varnish? A spray? Anyone??? TIA for any help...keep caking...
I'd LOVE a fondant sheeter, too! But in reality, I need more of those pricey flower cutter/veiner sets, airbrush and good cake books.I also would like toys to make those glass isomalt tiles for cakes.But most of all all colors of the rainbow of petal, luster and disco dusts!Just dreamin'...
How does this stuff taste?
Sorry for my inaccurate post above. I hastily read the question. I thought you were talking about a cake base board for the bottom of the cake.
I'm not a pro, but I use two masonite boards glued together ( 1/2 inch thick) then covered in fondant. You can use any kind of heavy board that will not bend.
You can use steam or edible varnish (recipe section on here). Both will make fondant shiny, HTH
I do not use Betty Crocker mixes anymore because of the size change. If we all switch to Duncan Hines or Pillsbury, I'm sure BC will notice they are not making any money!
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