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I've made Liz Marek's MMF with the new Wilton fondant. Now it's stickier than it used to be. The new Wilton has lost the elasticity that made it so useful. Wish I could buy the old stuff. Sigh.
Ok, so Wilton has changed their's soft and tastes better, but it doesn't DRY! They solved one problem but created another. I put a ton of Tylose in it to make figures and it just doesn't dry. Anyone else having this problem? This will get expensive if I have to add that much Tylose every time. Now what?
Thank you, AZCouture. I thought I would need tooth picks or something to hold it up somehow.
Is it possible to adhere a fondant/gum paste belt to a butter cream cake??? Will it be too heavy to hold itself up?  I have no idea how to go about this.   The one in the photo looks like a REAL belt attatched to butter cream. I don't understand  how this was attatched to the buttercream without messing it up unless maybe they chilled the cake well.    If I can't figure this out I will have to rest the belt on the cake board which will not look as nice as the cake in...
Thanks everyone for your input.
Thanks so much Blakes Cakes. I will look into that. I didn't want to pay $25 for a "groove."
I need a CelBoard for making gum paste peonies and leaves. Prices are $20 to $40 dollars each. Has anyone ever made something like this at home? Appreciate any help.
I use Rose Levy Berenbaum's rolled cookie recipe called Traditional Rolled Christmas cookies from her book. No spreading at all and a shelf life of several MONTHS.
I use a ball of fondant 2 inches smaller than I want the ball to be. Just put the fondant ball on top of a small piece of foil wrapped cake board and then on top of your butter cream. The fondant will stay soft enough for you to stick wires in while you work on it. See wedding cake on page 2 of my photos for example.
I live in Milwaukee and I shop at Cooks Cake and Candy. They have cake dummies there. Google them and call to see if they have your sizes. HTH.
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