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I love this post..I love looking at the most perfect things to give me inspiration for future projects or just to strive to do things the best. I have not attempted cupcakes like these but it is what I would love to create when I do attempt it! All these people are really amazing in what they do!
Thank you I will keep that in mind, I will probably test it out first since I have never used any of it but I am excited to know there is cotton candy flavor to try!
Ok! I didn't know this. I still just make cakes occasionally but I hope to pull this off! LOL I will have to look for that. Thank you!
Hello, my daughters 21st birthday is in October and she loves pink and blue like cotton candy and wants those colors on a cake and wants it to taste like cotton candy. We used to get blizzards a certain time of year at DQ that had this flavor but I can not find a recipe. Would anyone here know how I could get that flavor either in the cake or filling or icing. I will be covering in fondant as well because I hope to do one of those cakes that are two different colors on...
I am making baby shower cookies this weekend and I may just try this!!
Bees too!!! Seems like he is always dealing with bees!
Boy I needed those recipes the other day! They all sound great.
These are wonderful!! Your work is so artistic and beautiful! I love it all!
I will have to look closer at that! I am sure it would be helpful to get the full instructions!
I love this cake! I hope to make it for my Son and his girlfriends baby shower in November!
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