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I see people who do, a friend suggested it to me; but I am now in S. Korea. Idk how baked goods would ship. But I do see ones on etsy who do. Usually in the states. Tell me how it works out. Are you thinking of selling cakes, or cookies? candy? etc. Hope it all turns out well.
I am in South Korea. Ingredients are VERY HARD to find here, and non-existant esp for American size cakes (boxes, etc). Butter is not the same here. So I have to shop in the commissary on base where it is very expensive, hardly any coupons, deals, sales etc. Not open on Monday, closes early daily. And we are given a monthly ration according to family size. I have to order a lot. I live off base, fortunately I have a American size oven-most just have ovens that go up to...
I agree, a lot if times we do as decorators, bakers & artist "discount" out of the kindness of our heArts. I am here with my hubby stationed in S. Korea-where baking items are minuscule, high & hard to find. I am waiting on my moolah as we speak for a cake for an aquaitance I did at the last minute. $85. and discounted. She picked up yesterday-asked if she could pay me the next day. Today, and waiting. Yes 50% non refundable upfront. I would have done what u did but if I...
good topic! how do u get the design on straight- from one tier to the next? say if I am drawing a gerber daisy or rose, I am not much of an artist-esp freehand. Is there a pattern for this?
thanks for asking, I would like to know also! What do u stick directly in cake?
ok kinda new to fondant cake world, what is "The Mat"? where can I get it? Do I need it? haha Where can I order it from? Trying to learn fondant but hard cause I live in South Korea right now, and not a lot here. When I come home to the states I load up!
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