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Fantastic! And that crusts just fine to be able to look like a matt fondant?x  
Thanks for the info.   I am just alarmed at the amount of quite frankly terrible ingredients that go in these things. Thats why I want to steer clear from the likes of corn cyrup and stuff. Even the thought of someone consuming Trex makes me vom.   I tried it, I found it to be very very sticky and the more icing sugar I added the more it started to taste like conventional icing. I stabilised the mixture with a bit of corn powder instead which kept it tasting like...
Hello All - Lots of good information here! Just how essential is leaving it overnight. I am always running behind and need to cut corners when I can!  
Hi, I am new to this thread - anyone got any good reciepes for MMF? :/ My head and eyes hurt from scrolling through the internet! x
I have my first cake to do for my Grandmas 80th.Its due next Saturday and I have practiced many fondant recipes, they are either too sticky and don't come up from a cold marble slab or become too dry. Does anyone have a fool proof recipe?! Also I am from London and in England we don't have things like powdered sugar - what type of sugar is that anyway?!Any help will be greeeeeatly appreciated.Thanksx
Could you tell me what you all mean by "fill". Im new to this and perhaps use different expressions in England. Obviously I know what the word fill means but in context of "Put the cake on a board. Fill. Wrap in plastic wrap. Then put a ceramic tile on top. Wait 2 or 3 hours. The ceramic tile should be about the size of the cake"What is it referring to??Thanks to anyone who can help x
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