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I agree with the comments about adding salt to help cut the sweet. Also, if it will work with whatever flavor of cake you are making, a little lemon juice subbed in for part of your liquid or flavorings can also help--the sour offsets it a bit.
I think if I were going to try to replicate that I would turn the cake upside down (or cover the top with parchment) and do melted chocolate piped through a thin tip (like 2 or 3 max) or the grass tip. Maybe do part milk choc, some dark to get some color variation?
Would it be too odd if you did your panda idea but instead of using black you used chocolate? If you did a fairly dark chocolate you might come close enough to black that it could be really cute.
thanks for the advice! I didn't have time to fridge it based on the schedule but ended up using one of those flexible cutting boards to flip, line up, and then remove. had to hold the cake while my dh pulled to board--what a sight!! It worked ok but next time, definitely will be trying the refrigeration.
I am getting the heebie jeebs over flipping my top layer of my fanci-fill cake. Not sure the filling (coconut-pecan frosting) is the stiffest in the world to do this with. Any tips on this? I am thinking of covering the top with a cake board, lining up, placing, and removing the board but not sure that my cake will survive the process (it's a little delicate). Perhaps it was just a bad pick of cake and filling combo. I'd welcome any ideas on how to successfully pull...
I'm guessing that was a no But I'm excited to share that I got my first blue ribbon! Hooray!
I like Sucrea's idea about the log...otherwise you could make one big white fondant sheet and cut out a bunch of red squares, lay them out in the checkerboard pattern (attach with a little water) and then maybe use a round cutter (like 4 inches or however big your cuppies are) that would fit your cuppies well to lay on top of them. Post pics when you're done!
Any other cakers entering the decorated cake class for the Cabarrus County fair? I'm finishing mine up tonight and was wondering if anyone else was with me
I'm pondering fun flavors for kid cakes...Has anyone ever tried putting pop rocks in buttercream? I'm wondering if they would fizzle or if the fat would protect them until they were eaten. I'd love to hear what your experience has been if you've tried it before!
I think you could probably sub in coffee for some of your liquid if you wanted. I've added melted butterscotch chips to my bc before and it's come out great and a pretty medium tan color
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