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I love that!
...that a potential customer is going to be a douchebag? How do you deal with it? Do you pick and choose your customers? Do you go with your gut feeling from your first impression, whether it be by phone or through e-mail? I know it's harder to tell what a customer is like from an e-mail, but I can often tell if someone is going to be difficult and impossible to please just from an e-mail or two. Then, I always wish I had just not taken their order at all. Thought? ...
Hi Diane,I have to make a bow like this for a wedding cake next weekend and would love to know how to go about putting the beautiful crisp piped edge on the bow?Thank you for sharing your tutorial! Your work is stunningLisa
Anyone? Thanks
Hi,Can anyone give me any help on the best way to do flowers like these? I'd apprecitate it so much!!Thanks,Lisa
Hi All!Any new great techniques for 2012? I'm a bit slow off the mark this year, and don't have any new things to tell you about
Thank you!
Hi!Happy New Year!I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to prevent the light /mediumm brown crust on my red velvet cake. The inside of the cake turns out a lovely bright red, but the outside has a crust that is brownish. Is this inevitable or am I doing something wrong?Thank you!!
Hi there,A client wants fondant on a tiramisu cake. Is this doable, and if so, does anyone have a good recipe? Thanks!Lisa
No, I left them on the counter in an air-conditioned room... I don't have anywhere to buy isomalt. I guess I'll order it online next time. Thanks!
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