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Hi mimi1144, I can't help you much with Dade County but I live in Broward county where the CFL is in effect, however my municipality (Sunrise) does not allow any kind of business/baking from home.  I believe each city has the right to determine whether something is allowed based on zoning so I would check with your city to find out.  It had taken me some time to get that information as no one was aware of it in the beginning but it basically boils down to the city...
Thanks for the input. I thought maybe I was imagining things. Each machine does have its own quirks and the longer you use it the better you get to know it. I'll continue to monitor the results and maybe tweak things here and there.
Hello!I have a question about whether there is a difference in the speed you use for mixing cake batter or frosting depending on 1) if it's a single batch or double batch, 2) the mixer brand you are using or 3) the size or capacity of the bowl you are using.I currently have a 4.5Qt Kitchen Aid I primarily use for single cake batters and frosting, and a 5.5Qt Cuisinart for double cake batters, frosting, and making double batches of mmf. The big difference I notice is...
Thanks for the great suggestions. I'm about to attempt my first batch of cake pops and all I have is wilton candy melts.
Check out ebay or amazon for an offbrand fountain. I got one last year for around $20. Also check out party rental places, sometimes they may have it too.Good luck!
I believe the creative process is reflected in the tools used. Give two decorators the same set of tools and you will get two completely different cakes. The outcome is a result of each person's creativity. Use whatever you want to get your idea or your design across. I, for one like to see the different techniques on a cake and see the full potential of tools I probably have lying around anyways. I may not have the patience to produce such intricate details but I may...
Thanks for your input. After posting I took a chance and looked at some orchid images and there it was! It's called a vanda orchid.
Hi Does anyone know what the name of this flower is? I'd like to try to make it but I have no clue what it's called. Any help will be appreciated.Thanks!
I did a firetruck with lights, it's in my profile. I found the blinking lights at Michaels in the wedding section. Good luck!
I've had gritty BC before but I dont' think it was due to the sugar used, problably the ambient temp and the mixing itself. When it happened i changed from Great value brand to dixie crystal and found great value was much better. So that's what I'm sticking with.By the way, the Shur Fine brand of shortening still has transfats.
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