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This happened to me only one time making MMF and it was the one and only time I added shortening to it. Now, as before that one batch, I add shortening only by way of a little on my hands while kneading it. Keep trying it! You will get it!
You can whip it if you like, it is delicious that way, but you don't have to. Once it cools a little, it should be a nice frosting-like consistency that you can just spread on and smooth.
Are you using chocolate chips? If so, they do resist melting all the way. It's always better to use real white chocolate, not chips. In any case, though, it's not normal for it to be turning dark in color. It sounds like you are burning the chocolate a bit. The chocolate will hold it's shape even if it is melted, so it is best to proceed slowly and stir well between short bursts in the microwave. If it is mostly melted, you should be able to just stir and the few...
I just looked up the book and it sounds wonderful! A perfect day-brightener. I might just have to pick up a copy for myself. That your daughter possesses all of those wonderful qualities that you describe says a lot about you as a mother, too. Smiles all around!
Wow! You must be one proud mama! Congrats to your daughter!
I will, Jules! I was going to try to bake it today, but just got word that guests are coming this afternoon. So, the recipe will have to wait for a couple of days...
Though it might just be the nature of a graham cracker crust to be a bit crumbly, I wonder if there is a way to make it less crumbly. People may forgive the crumbs because of the taste though!
SouthernCross, that sounds wonderful! I'll have to look up that recipe. Oh, and I really love your signature line! Too funny!
Mimi, the red nut liqeuer sounds genious! I've been looking for an alternative to the red food coloring in red velvet cake. I haven't figured out how to make beets really work. How red does the cake get with the nut liqueur? I looked at your link, but my computer doesn't show colors super well. Thanks for the tip and the link!
I haven't baked with alcohol yet, but definitely want to try it. My eyes have been opened to all of the possibilities! My first try will be the pink champagne cake with chambord from another post. I'm also a big fan of the flavor of kahlua, so I will be trying that too, just not sure in what quite yet. FromScratch, I love the idea of irish cream in chocolate SMBC. Yum! That might be dangerous to have around though... I can also see how experimenting can get quite...
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