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I think what the Cordon Bleu book meant by "eating chocolate" was not a type of chocolate but a reference to actually consuming chocolate. As in, "to eat chocolate requires no tempering" or "just eat it and enjoy." I used the phrase to refer to a Hershey bar because it seemed that the other poster had assumed that it was a category. And it could be!
"Eating chocolate," like a Hershey bar, is already tempered so sometimes you can melt it without it losing it's temper and then use it. You have to melt is slowly and until just barely melted, then stir to melt the rest of the way. Sometimes it works, sometimes it will lose its temper and all of the qualities that go along with tempered chocolate. (Ha - "lose its temper" - sometimes it does feel like it's just mad at you! )
Tempering is melting chocolate in such a way so as to control the type of crystals that are formed in the chocolate so that the melted, worked with, and then cooled chocolate pieces will have the same qualities that we are used to in chocolate, like shiny appearance, crisp break, stays set with no cloudiness or streaks. The process involved getting the chocolate to certain temperatures in order, then "seeding" it with the proper crystals (basically unmelted chocolate) to...
Measure by weight, not volume, for both the chocolate and the cream.
Isn't that such a pleasant surprise when customer service acts like they actually like their customers! I have always liked Amazon. Now I like them even more! That book is on my Christmas wish list (one of many). It just looks so pretty; one that would be fun to look at even if I don't use any of the recipes. I am glad to hear they have a fully corrected copy in publication now.
Bakencake is right, the ratio is 3:1. White chocolate is pretty soft.
Thank you all! That was a fun little cake to do. I did it for a blog project and I never expected it to really get much attention on here. There are so many fabulous cakes to look at. So, when I saw the comments in my email inbox this morning, I got excited and went to look. But denied! At least the site is working now!
I've only had a couple of my cakes get noticed, which is fine, but it figures that when one of my cakes gets enough attention to get on the front page of the "most saved" the site goes down for half a day and I can't see it! Though the site was down all morning, it still removed my cake after the 24 hours. So, I never got to see my cake on the front page of the site under "most saved." I'm pretty disappointed. But I still am enjoying the looks at my cake!
For reference on the size, the "rose cake" in my gallery is 10-8-6-4, but with spacers in between the tiers.
The picture, to me, looks like a 2-inch difference between the tiers. The addition of the 4-inch tier on top makes it look skinnier, I think, so if I were doing that style with 4 tiers, I would do 10-8-6-4. With only a 1-inch difference between tiers, it might look a little bit like a pyramid once you get the fondant and decorations on because that only leaves 1/2 inch around. I like your idea of a thicker base to give it additional height.
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