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It looks to me like a piece of fondant folded lengthwise and rolled up into the flower shape with the folded side up/out. Fan out a bit and it's done.
I also give my cakes away. When I have an idea I want to make, I put a post on FB and offer the cake to my local friends. There is usually a race to see who gets it. Who doesn't love a free cake?? The only thing I don't do this for is when I'm working on a new recipe and trying something out (I bake from scratch and like coming up with my own recipes). I only want other people to try cakes I know taste the best, just in case I ever open a business. I have also (gasp)...
I am in sort of the same position, but not as far along as you are. I was trying to figure out how to make a profit while starting small renting a kitchen. Thank you, Jason, for the formula. With that formula, I'm still coming out way too high for my market for the smaller cakes. Is it common to "weight" the larger cakes? I feel like I can charge more for the larger cakes and maybe use that increase to discount the smaller cakes to bring them within the market where I...
I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes they are just asking on the off-chance that you will want to do it. I have had to tell friends that I just can't do it. I usually say something like this: "I'm so sorry. I would love to do your cake, but I just don't have the time to make it nice and I won't do a cake that I can't do my best on. If you give me more notice next time, I might be able to do it, but this week is too full with work and obligations with my children."...
I think they are two different things everywhere. An LLC is basically a way you can choose to organize your business and protect yourself from personal liability (to some extent) if someone should sue your business. Check with a lawyer in your county or do an online search to get more information on what it means to be an LLC. If you become an LLC, you have certain filing requirements with the state and possibly other requirements to meet on an annual basis.
King Arthur Flour has a good apple upside down cake recipe that is just as you described. I've made it before, adding a little ginger and nutmeg to their recipe, and it was delicious. I also have my own apple spice cake recipe in which I add finely diced fresh apples to the batter. I've never had a problem with them cooking through with the cake, but I always dice them to fairly small pieces. Good luck and have fun with it!
What a great idea! Sorry no one noticed at first. That can be so frustrating, but unfortunately it's also really common that great cakes get overlooked because of the number of cakes posted each day. Great work!
Interesting! Thanks for looking that up!
Oh, I just noticed something else new that I really like. If you view the "last uploads" in "galleries," when you hover your mouse over a picture, it shows you how many views and saves that picture has. Pretty cool. I often look at the pictures this way so I don't miss any good ones. And now it is even better!
I thought the same thing. It's fantastic! I love it!
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