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Hello I googled and found your thread question, however I don't see that anyone ever gave advice or instructions on how to do the diamond embossing effectively on buttercream. I know your question was aked years ago but I to, would like instructions. I viewed your gallery and you a some collection of awesome cakes!! I saw the 3 tierred chocolate bittercream squared groom cake that had the diamond embossing. Could you pm me directions? Thank you
Thank you Vista
thanks kakeladi.Are there any other suggestions? Anyone?? Thanks~
I've been asked to do a TR jean cake. (a squared version w/ back pockets). My issue is coloring the fondant. Should I start w/ white and airbrush w/ a blue or color the fondant light blue and dust w/ a darker color? Also i am not clear on how to achieve the stitching color. I know to use the stitching wheel but how do I achieve a white or tan stitching?? please help--- I will l be so appreciative of any help as I have 8 days until i make this cake!
I really like this surprise explosive cake (link below) and have been asked to do it for an upcoming birthday.The tissue paper "look" pictured is actually rice or wafer paper. I have never worked with wafer paper. Does anyone know if it will dissolve into the cake icing overtime. If so, how long? Is the wafer/rice paper flexible? How do I get it to look like gift tissue paper as pictured? Also, any suggestions on a type of black icing/consistency/method for writing...
Can anyone tell me how to get a deep purple buttercream w/out making the icing bitter. I currenty use the wilton colors. please help...
Thanks sugarflour2...I will give it a try!
I am looking for a wonderful ganache recipe. I have never used this on a cake. I am looking to achieve a very smooth and shiny finish. Do I use (smoothed) buttercream underneath? Is there a pouring method i should follow? Help
I just recently looked at a you tube video of a lady that had the small silver clay gun. (which I have also). She was having trouble extruding. Sooo she got her husband's caulking gun and inserted the clay gun inside and " voila!" It extruded with ease!!!!. You can also carefully reload the fondant in the clay gun if you need a longer rope. I thought "what a clever idea- I need to try that." Hope this helps. ~
what is the best fondant to buy for begginers? looking for fondant that is pliable, doesn't dry quickly and is reasonably price. suggestions please!
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