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Thank you for responding!
hi, I'd like to donate a cake for a silent auction fundraiser for a good friends daughter. I am in Utah and I don't have a business license so I was wondering if anyone knew if it was ok or if I would get in trouble?
Thanks for helping me clear that up, I appreciate it!
I just purchased the silhouette and have been looking into getting Linda's blade kit but I just can't seem to swallow the cost. If I am reading this thread right, I have to buy it to use with gum paste but can use the housing with the circuit replacement blade? So there is no way around buying Linda's blade kit if I want to use it with gum paste? Sorry to be repetative but I just want to be sure. Thanks!
Thank you, I did see that post already but it never specified if I had to buy the housing from Linda first and can use the replacement blade from circuit or can just use the circuit blade instead. I'll figure it out.
Hi, I am jumping in head first with the Silhouette. I've never used a machine like it and have veen told I need a special blade for cake decorating. Linda's package is another $80+shipping on top of the $300 I spent on the cutter. Looking for other alternatives, any help? Thanks in advance.
Hi, I usually only use fondant, ganache and buttercream for my cakes. I want to use a delicious cream cheese. frosting recipe that has 1 c coolwhip in it as well. I know with fondant the cool whip would soften it and make it ripple. would it have the same reaction to modeling chocolate? Thanks!
  This is a beautiful cake by Couture cakes and cupcakes, I am trying to recreate the ruffles. When decorating should I put fondant under neath or just buttercream? Will the ruffles stick to the buttercream? Thanks
Thank you all for your wonderful knowledge! My brother wants this cake for his girlfriends birthday. I knew it would probably take forever, not looking forward to rolling out a bazillion strips. But it's my brother I can't say no Thanks again you have been very helpful!
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