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Hi guys,A while back, I saved a gorgeous picture to my laptop, which has since gone to laptop heaven. I have searched all over for it to be able to show it to my sister-in-law who is getting married next year. It looked like they had taken hurricanes of different heights/widths and turned them over to be able to display a cake of the same size on it. This picture had lights/candles and flowers in and around the clear vases to make up the cake table.Does anyone have a...
I don't have any advice, but I was just wondering, would there be a difference in how you baked the cakes due to altitude? Something to consider...
Me: "Man, I wish I had an Agbay."Husband: "Are you speaking pig latin?"Me:, it's a cake tool used for leveling and torting...Husband: Yeah, you want a bag.Made me chuckle, so I wanted to share.
The ones from my wedding were saved, and I actually still have them. They were/are so gorgeous!
Ok, so I'm about to expose myself as a big Twilight fan as well. I personally wouldn't put fangs on the cake, because Edward doesn't have them, just razor sharp teeth.In the book, his prey of choice was a mountain lion, so you could run with that. Also, he sparkles in the sun, so you could make the cake sparkly! Good luck, and I can't wait to see how it turns out!
Did it at least taste like candy corn? I like candy corn, too!
I baked a Reese miniature cup in a chocolate cupcake, and it was wonderful. Nice little peanut butter surprise in the middle. I topped the cupcake with peanut butter icing and an extra Reese's. They were gone in no time!ETA: The chocolate from the Reese's melted into the cupcake, but the peanut butter stayed in place. It just tasted a little extra chocolately where the cup had been.
I do what diane said, too. Actually did it with 3 colors, just last night.
I like your idea for the 3 tiered cake with the tiers representing their interests. It was actually what I was thinking of doing before I even read that paragraph!Good luck!
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