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Another thing to try is backing off the liquids in your icing. This helps to make the icing thicker without adding additional sugar.
Walmart has plain corrugated boxes in their office supply section that work. $1 - $2 each
Be overly safe. If you use wood, cover it with foil or something. Even though the wood is generally safe in itself, these warehouses do spray for bugs and such plus, rodents and roaches do roam, so at the least wash/wipe the board good and cover it with foil.
I have First Impression Molds and Elegant Lace Molds. I enjoy using both of them.
Believe it or not: www.wildorchidquilts.netI bought a ceramic pedestal from them for a wedding cake for $35. That was including shipping. They also have some silver ones. I loved my white ceramic one that I got there.
Make it in white fondant and paint them with Americolor Black.
I have several of their trim molds and have never had any trouble with them sticking the molds.
...but then you mentioned airbrushing. I thought you were talking about airbrushing it with those colors.
You have to mix blue and yellow to make the color green. Are you sure the green has no yellow die in it?
First Impression Molds makes a silicone mold that you could use to make the strips of pearls that are on the side of the cake. It would be flat on the back side making it easier to attach the strand to the side of the cakes. I love using their molds.
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