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I use lemon extract to get mine to stick to the cakes. I transported my sons wedding cake over a hour and a half, carried extra with me in case some fell off, and not one fell off. They were not as large as the ones in the photo here. The lemon extract dries faster than water is another reason I used that instead of the water.
You could use a wooden skewer, then cover it with the RKT and fondant. It would not droop with that wooden support in the center.
Americolor is an elegant ivory color, but the Wilton is a peachy/pink ivory. I personally prefer the Americolor. I have never been able to get a true cream with Wilton.
I use a clay roller, fairly close to the same thing. As far as what setting, that varies with whatever you are making. Most of the things I make are between 2 and 5, depending what I am working on.
I spray mine too. I also put my fondant in the microwave to soften it up so it will extract easier and smoother through all those little holes.
The powders do not fade like the pastes do.
AMAZING Mold Putty says on the box "food safe" and I bought it at Hobby Lobby.
I use fondant and mix a little Gum-Tex in with it. I have a cake with shells and coral in my photos and also a scuba diver. When I make my shells, I marble the gray with the white or marble light brown with the white fondant to make realistic sea shells.
I just learned to use the AMAZING Mold Putty. I love the fact, it has a Part A and a Part B (both in a clay-like material). Knead both parts together and press the item to be molded into the putty, leave for 20 minutes, pull the item out and you are done. It is food safe. If it is a little piece you do not have to mix the entire amounts. Save it for later. Just wash the mold before using it.
Have you tried buttermilk?
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