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Thanks jason_kraft for posting the information on the SC CFL.
Our state has just passed the CFL. Does the state you operate in require you to collect and pay sales tax on everything you sell? When responding would you tell me what state you are from?
South Carolina is now a CFL state.
Just move the cutter to the right and continue cutting your strips.
JEM strip cutters are great. They have at least five different widths. These will cut nice smooth edged strips.
Walmart, in the office section. They have brown boxes that are made from recycled materials. They have a pretty good price on them too.
I personally think it tastes and SMELLS like some kind of cleaner, not anything I want to eat.
Great Value Shortening. That's all it has on it. When I switched from Crisco to this I could tell a big difference. I told a friend of mine who also bakes about it. She tried it and she loved it.
There is a Walmart brand that is hi-ratio, works wonderfully for me.
Ditto. If you are looking at other ones, make sure you do not get the type that you have to push like a hypodermic needle. Those are so much trouble especially if you get a little grease on them. The makin's clay extruder has a screw in type dispenser and work wonderfully.
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