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I substitute the water in my chocolate cake recipes with an equal amount of brewed coffee.
I thought it looked like the images were copied onto icing sheets too.
I use the marshmallow fondant and it does fine.
I can't believe no one here can help??? What is going on with Logicpic? They no longer have a website. Did they go out of business? Can you order their products from another company? Need help
I have never used anything other than Crisco. I am not sure what your vegetable fat is, but try on a small piece of your ribbon. The crisco will make the ribbon a little deeper in color. I would think as long as it didn't change the color you would be okay. I actually practiced on a small piece of my ribbon, before I started putting the ribbon on cakes.
I wash my ribbon and lay it out to dry overnight. Ribbon spots really easy, so I lightly rub crisco over mine completely. This eliminates the grease spotting. Pull the ribbon around the cake and dot it on the back side with a dab of icing. The crisco and the dab of icing helps hold the ribbon in place.
I think the bottom tier would look great black and change the band going around the bottom to the metallic silver. The black would tie in great with the black dots on your dice and bring the cake together nicely.
I saw a Martha Stewart version of Cricut Cake on HSN yesterday for $299 and free shipping. This one was white and not the dark red like the original. It also came with a program with many of her designs as well as some of the ones on the Elegant Cake cartridge.
Starting out, I was told not to get the expensive mats because they are not large enough to roll fondant for the larger cakes. I went to Hancock Fabrics and bought the thicker clear table vinyl and use it to roll all mine. Works great for a fraction of the cost. ($5.99 a yard I think) I bought a yard and cut it into two different sizes. One piece will accommodate the 18" cake. The other I use for smaller pieces. I also bought a piece of thick PVC for storage. Just...
Ditto on the flower nail!!!! Ditch the baking core.
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