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If you have tongue depressers or ice cream sticks, they work great. That is what I use for my flat toppers. The flat side of the sticks give you more surface to adhere to than a dowel will. However, a dowel will work.
Impression mats
Thanks, BakingIrene. I was just making sure it didn't do anything to the texture. I know trial and error are your best course, but I always hate the wasted materials and money that goes along with the "errors."
I guess everyone else is confused about it too?
Why is it that most recipes for custard tell you to get the milk hot, then gradually add yolks? I know it will cook the egg, but what changes really happen if you were to add the yolks to the cold milk before it got hot and then continue to cook it? My grandmother made an old fashioned vanilla pudding and she always put the eggs in the cold milk. I know there has to be a reason, but was just wondering why?
Parts of it remind me of the rose cutters from Patchwork Cutters.
Thanks everyone for your help.
Yes, I just wanted to know what other states were doing that had CFL's in place. This was more of a "gathering info" question. Thanks, for the links.
Jason_kraft, I am aware of all the info on the FB pages. That is not what I was asking about at this time. Thanks for trying to help.
Thanks, I really appreciate your concern and I am aware how everyone's opinion could be different from the answer I need. I was just trying to poll to get a general idea because we are still a work in progress. Our bill was literally signed by the Governor this past week.
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