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First of all, don't do cakes at a loss. Stick to your price points. Not everyone is going to like it, but people have to learn they can't buy a Cadillac with a KIA budget. If you are having problems getting orders, make a few cakes for people and put them in places where people can see your work, like teacher's lounges, doctor's offices, banks, or your church. Word will start to get around. I was told by a prominent business man that it is unrealistic to expect a...
If you use the powder food colors the fondant does not break down like it does with the gels. It will also hold its color better. It doesn't fade quite as much in the lights.
Hersey's Black Magic Cake recipe is a hit. It is not a "carving" cake recipe though, but is a delicious cake.
There are some great tutorials on I have found many of their tutorials to be helpful. Edna with Design Me a Cake has several great tutorials on youtube. Then....practice...practice...practice. I am still learning.
I just made a bow out of fondant mixed with a little Gum-Tex for a wedding cake. I made the bow on Thursday and put the bow on the cake on Saturday morning. I rolled the fondant out thin and ran it through my clay maker down to number 6, which is thin. I started out rolling it in one and moved the dial two spaces at a time and rerolled it to make it thin like a ribbon. I shaped the bow against a round pan the size of the cake so the bow would naturally curve to the...
The ribbon will absorb the grease, but if you pre-grease your ribbon by rubbing a little Crisco on the back of the ribbon you will not have the grease spots. It will darken your ribbon slightly but doing it this way will avoid the chance of getting grease spots on it because you have already greased the entire ribbon. I have done this many times with ribbons on my cakes.
Anyone? Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake? Tried it lately?
To any who have tried the Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake Recipe here on CC recently, what are your thoughts on this recipe, especially with the new sizes of boxed cake mixes? It sounds delicious, but I would love to hear from someone who has actually baked this recipe since the box sizes have changed.
Another question, where do you get your soy wax?
What do you cover the foam board with when you use them in between two tiers?
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