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I made something on a much smaller scale, but it was a topper with the school's initials. The megaphone I made was fondant/gumpaste mix. If you wanted a much larger one, you could make a cereal treat base then cover it with fondant. Fondant is heavy and likes to settle if you make a large piece with all fondant you may see your piece start to "buldge" or "squat."
Just thinking out loud today........I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but in an effort to learn to make "life-like" flowers I have been amazed at the interpretations of the Southern Magnolia. The main thing that I have seen is there have been too many petals. A real Southern Magnolia only has nine petals. I have been looking for examples in gumpaste and fondant and have found so many that are almost to the extent of Peonies with a Magnolia center. I know...
I was in Nicholas Lodge's class at the ICES convention in Charlotte last year. He has to be one of the best teachers I have seen. He does not mess around. He is straight to the point, but he demonstrates in a way that is clear to understand. I hope to get to Norcross myself and take a few more classes from him.
That is so cool. Frankly, I just crack mine into a bowl and reach in and grab the yolk out.
I share your joy. I took a cake decorating many, many years ago mainly to give my boys their cakes and I have. After making their birthday, wedding, and grooms cakes, I am now making cakes for my grandchildren. My granddaughter turns three in October and she she's been telling me what kind of cake she wants since May. She talks about it every time she sees me and tells me its her birthday when the leaves come down. She's too funny. Enjoy it, because it's hard for...
I do not use simple syrup. I just put a piece of wax paper over the cake and leave it while it is still warm. If I used a simple syrup my cakes would be soggy. One of the comments I receive most often is, "I can't believe how moist your cakes are." I bake mine in any of my cake pans. I do use baking strips and there is very little trimming done. They usually bake level. The only place that usually needs a little trimming is around the very top edge and I wait to do...
I do pound cakes more than any other. That is what my people want. I use a family recipe that I have tweaked to my liking. My chocolate pound cake I use buttermilk and instant coffee. Paula Deen and Martha Stewart both have recipes on their sites that are similar to how I make mine. I have tried "doctored" recipes before and I don't care how many I try they all still taste like "doctored" cake box mix to me. Good luck.
Pretzel rods were the first thing I thought of for power poles.
These carnations were made with MMF with a little Gum-Tex added to them. They did just fine.
I use "Candy and Cake" Powder Coloring, especially when I have to do any of the deep colors.
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