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Do you know about how much baking soda to add to 1 recipe of MMF?
I bought a ceramic cake stand from for less than $50 including S & H. They have many to choose from. I found them by accident. It seemed like such an unlikely place. I rent it out and ask for a refundable deposit if returned within 5 days.
...and you can earn different designations through ICES, PME, and many of the schools.
Our State Fair classifies "professional" as when you make more than a $1000 in a year. If you make less than that , they classify you as "amateur." That's just the classification if you enter decorated cakes in the State Fair in SC.
Do you allow it to rest overnight before using it?
I add 1/2 teaspoon salt to my liquid. Stir it until it dissolves before adding it. It is much easier to incorporate throughout the entire batch.
I have been told on several occasions a price is too high, but I have developed a 'that's my price and I'm sticking to it' attitude. If I can't make it, I don't worry too much about it. Some people are very unrealistic in their expectations. If you work for nothing, you will burn out quickly.
Offset spatula, fondant smoothers, Xacto knife, pastry cutter, and extra small scissors (cuticle-type). Those are a basic need. A set of fondant modeling tools would be next on my list. other thing to take into consideration in writing on a megaphone. The writing graduates in size. It is not all the same size. Larger opening side has larger letters.
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