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You are welcome everyone, but I was just sharing what someone once shared with me.
This is really great to know.  The equation was really close, because I actually ending up just measuring the prepared batter and got 8 cups batter.
Both-just depends on which recipe I am using.
Candy-n-Cake Powdered Food Coloring
I have seen several tutorials that use piping gel to attach pearls and fondant pieces, make waves, etc. to cakes.  Does Piping Gel ever dry to where it is not tacky?     Try this. Hope it helps!
I personally do not like this new setup at all   :(
I use powder colors for many of my colors, especially the red and black.  Using powders does not change the fondant like using a lot of the gel does and they do not fade like the gels.  
Using whole milk instead of a low fat also makes a difference in how much a cake crumbles. The higher fat content holds a cake together better.
Are the Albert Uster metallics edible?
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