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I've made 4 batches of cupcakes using the diet coke recipe (box cake mix, can diet coke) and they're all sticking to the cupcake papers so much that you really only get a "muffin top" that's solid. The rest is so moist that it is just cake crumbs. What in the world can I do with these now? It's for my daughter's 3rd birthday tomorrow. I did a practice run last week and didn't have this problem at all. Now I'm stuck with 48 muffin tops! (they're still all in the cake liners)
that sounds wonderful (the cream cheese). Would you be willing to post that recipe and the chocolate swiss meringue? Thanks!
hmmm, when I google that I can only find her buttercream recipes, not a whipped version. would you be willing to type it out, from her book?
sorry, i didn't get an email saying anybody responded! Dutch usually serve vlaai (pie) for birthdays (at least at work) and when they do serve cakes, it is generally plain whipped cream. I would be fine with a chocolate whipped cream but I want to make sure it's not going to evaporate and would like something a bit sweeter. and yes, I missed an "s" and meant mousse.Mija - would you mind posting your chocolate swiss recipe?i'll google the Sylvia Weinstock's recipe but if...
the Dutch people tend not to like buttercream at all. It's way too sweet and dense. I wanted to try to make a lighter, almost whipped cream or mouse like, chocolate frosting for my daughter's birthday cake. Does anybody have a recipe? I prefer something from scratch, as a lot of the "premade" products in the US aren't available here (or at a HUGE mark up price!)
My husband asked for strawberry filling in his cake but his family (Dutch) doesn't like the sweetness of buttercream and even strawberry creamcheese buttercream, which is less sweet, was too sweet for them. I would like to use something strawberry for the cake filling but I'm kind of short on ideas. so for a non-sweet, strawberry filling that doesn't use jello (or gelatin) what would you suggest? I have just a basic yellow cake for the base and was thinking of just whipped...
Thank you so much!!! I googled and got a couple different answers so i thought I'd come here because everybody is always so nowledgable and helpful. Thanks again!
Hi! I wanted to use the following recipe to bake a pound cake for Christmas (to use for chocolate fondue) but I don't have a bundt pan or any small pans, really. Is this something that I could bake in a 9 x 13 inch pan, or I also have 6 in and 8 in round pans. Would that be better? This is the recipe (I found it on this site, I think it is Elaine2581's recipe)3 sticks butter, softened3 cups granulated sugar1/8 teaspoon salt1 (8 oz.) package cream cheese, softened6 eggs3...
They did, they said "it's missing the ribbon", what more can they say? If it's a wedding day it's not that the cake is the first thing on their mind and more then likely they didn't have time to haggle with a baker over how much of a refund they should get. (and really, they shouldn't have to).
I really have to agree with that. Sometimes it not easy to give an unpoplar opinion but it is just as valid as anybody elses and has the potential to open up people's eyes to another way of thinking. (this is not just for cakes, it goes for everything.)
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