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I guess you could put boards in every 2 layers but it seems a bit like overkill, unless your cake is starting off as a 16" round or something. But for a 6" or 8" cake I think just one board in the middle of the layers will suffice, since the top 3 layers weigh the least.
I would put a board under the top 3 a semicircle shaped board, and 4 dowels in the 3 layers below.  How on earth are you going to cover this thing?! Will it be fondant covered?
I would fridge tonight them just to make handling them easier tomorrow.
I just gave you a totally different answer on your other thread since you gave more info on that one!!
They are easy to pipe on with royal icing. Much easier than rolling out a bunch of fondant really thin anyway. 
They'll be fine in the fridge tonight again (I assume they are well wrapped), or you could freeze them and by the time you get to the hotel tomorrow they will be partially defrosted and nice and cool to work with. 
  Here's a slightly bigger picture. Looks like the poppies were made with a 5 petal cutter and a 3 petal one, or 3 individual petals cut out, and the black centre glued on top. It's a lovely cake.
I think they're gumpaste, because I can just make out the 5 petal blossom and the daisy that are made with plunger cutters, and the leaves look like the plunger ones too. The larger poppies would have been made by hand with gumpaste.
Room temp, wrapped in plastic wrap.
  The strawberries are probably glazed in boiled apricot jam, just heat in the microwave and sieve if there are lumps of fruit, and thinned down with a little water. 
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