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Congratulations on your wedding! How about rustic bc iced, fresh flowers as planned, and a fondant ribbon with sparkling sugar/disco dust mix glued on it with piping gel around the base of each tier?
You can either cover the whole cake drum or wrap a strip of red fondant around the cake. If doing the board entirely, moisten the drum with water (use a brush or a spray). Roll out fondant, cover drum, smooth with a smoother, cut away excess from the edge with a sharp knife. If doing a strip, first glue your cake to the drum with buttercream, ganache, or royal icing. Make a long sausage of fondant then roll out to a long strip about 3 times the diameter of your cake drum....
Never done it. It looks like buttercream. I would do a coat in chocolate, chill well, then a thin coat of white/ivory or whatever colour your top coat will be. Chill again, really well. Somehow remove the top coat where you want the distressed look. I would try a brand new sheet of fine sand paper to be honest. Then give the cake a good brushing down with a dry pastry brush to remove any dust. I really like the look, never seen it before!
I use those, they work great. They have a thick nib and thin nib at either end. I have not tried the metallic ones but I imagine they are good too.
I have not googled for a tutorial but I know you can get the cutters here:
The eggs in the meringue buttercreams, be it Italian or Swiss, are cooked. But if it still scares you, you can google for recipes using meringue powder and try those instead. 
(Attaching your picture in the message so it's easier for others to see)   Usually, lilies made from gumpaste are white, and then coloured with petal dusts after drying them. I have a couple of sets from Petal Crafts that have a whole bunch of colours in each, and you can blend colours together to get the right shade.   If you are making a rose in the same pink as the lilies in your picture, I would colour your gumpaste a pinkish colour with maybe a touch of violet,...
Totally agree with this, especially since the gift is from you both 
Yes, and try to line up the thin end of the tip with the stripe. Not too heavy on the colouring though otherwise yes, it might all mix together just before squeezing out. I wouldn't fill your bag too full either, I would use a few disposables and lots of trial and error. Still would be quicker than dusting them afterwards though, once it comes out of the bag properly.
You need to paint a stripe of red colouring on the inside of your icing bag and coupler, and make sure when you add the tip to the coupler the thin end of the petal tip is aligned with the red stripe.    Or, make your roses, let them dry, and dust with petal dust.
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