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You don't need to fridge it unless you are using perishable ingredients in your cake fillings/coverings. I would just box it up and leave it at room temp. 
Royal icing stringwork would do the job. If you are not confident that they won't break in transit, just pipe along the edge of the overhanging roof and stick the fondant or coloured dragees on.
Whipped ganache tinted green, maybe flavoured too? Could be a bit sickly though on top of a cheesecake, you'd have to know your guests/public really to think if they'd like it... Whipped cream tinted green? Might be a bit sweltering in your neck of the woods for cream but you'd have to fridge the cheesecakes anyway.
Read the lemon extract bottle carefully, it usually contains alcohol.
You can dilute gel colour with water, no problem, it will just take a little longer to dry. If the colour is already fairly liquid straight from the bottle, you might not need to dilute it. Practice first on a rolled out piece of scrap fondant though!
Wow, what a saga! I'm glad you managed to sort it out, and to be honest I probably would have refunded her just to get rid of her. Make sure you change her name on your phone to "PITA customer don't reply" so you remember if she rings you again. Block her from your Facebook. And tell any local cakey friends her name just in case she rings any of them in future, I'm sure they will thank you for it!
An easy way to do it is to weigh your cakes. Say your 20 serving cake weighs 2lb. If you cut away the cake scraps and weigh them in a bowl and find you have 1lb in there, your cake now serves 10.    If your sculpted cake is an easy shape, you can also "guesstimate" how much you have to cut away. So if you only cut the equivalent of a couple of servings off your original 20 portions, you will have 18 left.    You should still charge for the 20 servings you started with...
I think the trunks were made in advance in the same (similar) colour to the candy melts. You would dip the cake pop, then glue the trunk and ears on with a little candy melt or grey royal icing.
Definitely use royal icing. You would need to make a pipable consistency, yes. Check out this post, to see if it helps:   Doing it with candy melts would be a pain since you have to make sure it is at the right temperature, it will clog up your piping tips if it gets too cool - too runny and it will run down the side of the apple.    You can use the vodka/gel colour on RI. You could also just dip your fine...
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