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It's totally edible if you use edible lustre/paint. Whether you would want/like to eat it depends on each person, but it can always be left on the plate, much like some people don't eat fondant or munch through a load of gumpaste ruffles or wafer paper peonies. 
Make another small batch of the colour you got, but this time write down the measurements. For example if you colour 1 cup of plain buttercream with, say, 1/4 teaspoon of teal and 1/8t of sky blue, it will be easy to multiply when you make the final quantity.
Try this - you can translate the post to English on the right hand side. You could use a different size mold if you needed a bigger bauble.
As for the chocolate shell, I would pipe the white dots first, chill, then add the pink chocolate.
No idea! I've only ever used regular sticks, the paper kind. A quick fix might be to slip the straws on afterwards? I know that most drinking straws fit over the thicker cookie type sticks, and they wouldn't move like they would on the thinner ones...
What @winniemog said, or add another cardboard cake circle (or 2) under it. You would need to glue the cake circles together.
I have used regular craft ones. I have no idea what they're made of but if they are clean and only been used for caking you should be good to go. The amount of time spent in contact with the cake is very small really for it to be a concern, in my opinion. Others might not agree with me but that's fine by me.   Be careful when you are buying them that they don't have sticky backs - some of the Martha Stewart Crafts ones, for example, are sticky to enable you to use them...
Costumeczar has a bunch of unbiased reviews on her blog, she may have done one for those you were looking at: 
You would print various sheets of the paper in the tones you want and rip the strips off carefully. Also, bear in mind that if you layer 2 strips of the same colour, the one on top will become darker since colour from the one on the bottom will show through slightly too.
When that happens there is not much you can do except re-knead it to get it warmed up and pliable (or put it in the microwave for a few seconds then knead), and start your ball again. If the problem persists, try adding a little Crisco to the paste.
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