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Three tips:1. For a dome, you need to make sure the batter is light. Always blend things together ONLY AS MUCH AS NEEDED. Over mixing will result in a dense cupcake. 2. Whipping the butter and sugar until it is fluffy is a great way to get a light cuppie. 3. DO NOT open the oven until you are sure they are close to being done. Cupcakes are tempermental, and like constant heat (or the 400-350 works too). Just don't let the breeze in!
I could have shot the cake I was using the Wilton Boxed stuff on. It was an awful mess. It did keep cracking. I always use MMF when I work on cakes, but this time, the bride handed me the box and asked me to use it. I can't say no, I wish I had. It was a disaster! I cried so much! I will never use it again. Wilton Boxed Fondant: CRAP!
This is an awesome pictoral. How do you temper your chocolate?
I agree with the Peanut Butter vote. There is strong evidence that Peanutbutter on Banana cake makes you a better person ...
I've frozen my buttercream, just mind that it likes to sweat once it's thawing. Make sure you let it rise to room temp in an air-tight container.
I took a still of the cake for those who want a closer look:
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