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Thank you!
Hi Everyone. Hoping someone can please help me with some ideas for a birthday cake for an accountant. Its a half sheet cake made out of buttercream. They are paying for a fairly basic cake so I don't want to get into fondant decorations.Thanks for all the ideas!
Thanks everyone! Thats perfect.
I guess perhaps I should clarify....I agree the 11x15" would be good however, how would I bake a cake given that they want 2 flavors? Could I bake two 8" squares and put them together? Would that be adequate?Thanks.
Hello all,I have a customer who wants a sheet cake to serve 30, with generous size pieces. They also want the cake to be half chocolate and half lemon. Could anyone please help suggest what size cake I should make. Thanks in advance for any help.
Hi Everyone,I hope someone can help me out. I have been asked to make a "costco sized sheet cake". Is this a half-sheet or full sheet cake? TIA
That's the recipe that I wrote just above.
Poured fondant
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