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Hi Ladies-   After much thought and prayer, and my husband pushing me we have been given an incredible opportunity to open a small shop. I am currently operating under cottage and doing three cakes on the weekends and some mid week orders. I plan on opening on Friday, Sat for cupcakes only. We have our farmers market, events and such on those days. The building is two blocks from the beach.    I have researched so much but want to be super prepared for opening. I...
Thank you! :)  
Yes, it was cooked. The egg flipped me out so I tore it all apart and used the recipe minus the egg. Honestly, I liked the taste better without it. It's now 2am and I'm off to bed For future reference if it did have an egg it could stay out for a bit or overnight? I hate putting my cakes in the fridge. Thank you!
I made a new recipe for pineapple filling. It required an egg. They have been sitting crumb coated on my counter for about five hours. I just thought about the refrigeration issue. Any advice on if I should strip them and remake it or they may be ok? Thanks!
I made a pineapple filling and filled my cakes about five hours ago. I used a new recipe that did require One egg. They have been sitting on my counter crumb coated. I just thought about it needing to be refrigerated. Any suggestions if its ok or if I need to strip it and start over . Thanks!
I need advice as this is the first time this has happened to me. Client signed a contract for a cake due next weekend. I just deposited the check this morning. She emails me today and said that they had to cancel the party. I honestly don't think that is the reason as I have spoke to her many times and she has the decor and big thing planned. Maybe I'm wrong . Anyway, she wants her deposit back. It says on the contract non-refundable as it holds your date. I have turned...
ugh... it broke I think I had the white frosting to thick. No, I need to get some of the plexiglass It was where I could lift it though and it was so awesome :/ . I just finished the second one. I'm going to set my clock for 6am and pray this one doesn't break. So you're colors didn't run. That's what I am afraid of with the white background.. I did use half butter/half crisco. Thank you for answering me I'll let you know if this one makes it.lolJamie
Hello Ladies- I have a FBCT image in the freezer. It's been in there about 3 hours. It's outlined in the Wilton black with my regular buttercream. How soon can I put it on the cake? I have to deliver early and am scared if I wait last minute and something happens I'll be in trouble. I did put white on the background will that prevent any colors running?Thanks so much, Jamie
I just got licensed in St. Johns County and spoke with Dept of Revenue and they did make me register for sales tax.
Yikes! This stuff is so confusing
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