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that's ok. thanks for getting back to me, I appreciate it. I kinda figured it wouldn't be recommended, but I thought I would check.You said Gourmet Square sells icing images products in Canada.... are they the only company? Just curious b/c last I checked I couldn't order online, I think I'd have to call it in. (that sounds lazy of me doesn't it!! I just love doing things online...)BIG THANKS to you again! Appreciate it!!
I was planning on doing that after my experience with kopykake & reading how happy everyone has been with icing images ink. Soooo good that people share their experiences with products.... so helpful! Thanks!
I tried the running water trick and it worksed, but I can totally see how the steamer is the way to go! I had to do it 4 or 5 times to get the clog cleared, but it's way better now. Question for you, can I put Icing Image ink into a KopyKake cartridge? I am guessing no... I am needing more ink and want to switch to Icing Images ink. Also, who sells it in Canada again? Was it gournet square? Do they do online ordering? Also, do you reccomend cleaing cartridges? If so, do...
good to know, I'll try the water first, then if it doesn't work, I'll try the steamer! Thanks!
I think I have a clogged print head in my Canon MP 560. I printed a few times in the past couple weeks, but before that it had been a few weeks. (oops!) Anyways, my black isn't printing at all, the colors will though. I checked the cartridges and they seem to be OK. So I was thinking about cleaning my print head and I don't have a steam cleaner. I did see one at Canadian Tire,...
I'll have to try that for sure!! Thanks!
Where do you get boysenberry from? (maybe a crazy question, I just don't ever remember seeing it anywhere...)Nutella sounds sooo good too... how much do you mix into the BC?
does it really have champagne in it?
What are Guinness cupcakes?
interesting, I wouldn't have thought of that. This may be a silly question, how do you brush the cocoa on? I would assume with a pastry brush and just brush a little on at a time???
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