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Oh, that's very interesting! I haven't seen that before!
What's the best way to make edible burlap? I know Sugarveil has a mat but it's big $$. I know there are other companies emerging that are similar to Sugarveil. Do they have any comparable mats? And what are the other companies called? (I know I've seen them in adding but now I can't remember any of them, lol.) Thank you!
I wonder if airbrushing or using a gold spray would get on the rest of the cake?? I wonder if I covered the rest of the cake (top) with a piece of saran so it wouldn't spray onto the rest of the cake? I think I'd have to make sure the stencil is tight to the cake too... ???
How do I make royal icing gold to stencil on cake? I want to do an anniversary cake like this cake I madeĀ (see below), except have the fondant cream coloured and the stencilling gold. I understand that the gold can be brushed on after the royal icing dries, but as you can see, the stencilling is very fine, I just don't want to make a mess of the cream coloured fondant. ;) Any ideas on how to do this the best? I even thought of airbrushing?? I have one but haven't used it...
Mine never slide off, and it does set (on fondant at least it does). And I only add just a small amount, you don't need globs of piping gel. You may want to do a trial mini cake to try it before you have to do it on a cake that counts.
I would use piping gel over your crusted buttercream. That's what I'd do.
You won't have to sit for days and days! And don't add them one at a time. I've done a couple cakes like that and all I've done is take handfuls of the dragees (I mix all the sizes together) and just cup my handful of dragees against the cake.
It was about 2" high. I used the 12x18x2" pan. Hope that helps
Thank you!
Sorry, it's not in a dish of water!! That would be scary... just a disaster waiting to happen. It was in a shallow plastic dish with the flowers in the green floral sponge. I'll post the picture to show you ;)
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