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I just got done making a groundhog day birthday cake for my cousin, and handpainting a superhero cake for a friend of mine. I was really pleased with how they turned out! I've been teaching myself all about decorated cookies lately, so it was nice to do some cakes!      
Not to be contrary, because I know most places what you said is true, but I am in Murfreesboro, TN, and my health department, planning commission, zoning department, and lawyer all told me the same thing she was told. She's based in IN, so she could have completely different rules, but it's not completely unheard of. Our cottage food law was amended last year and no longer requires having a health department inspection, so they are much more lax now. I am in the process...
Her recipe is now my go to recipe for lots of flavors. I've made the pumpkin, strawberry, lemon, white, yellow, and experimented with a cinnamon roll flavor. I love it. I would stalk her if I lived in SF.
Great job, it looks fantastic!
I know with paint I can mix purple and yellow to get a brown color, but I don't know if it would work with food color. You can try a mix of the two on a small piece of fondant and see what it comes out like.
I think that's a bit close minded. There's a huge difference in convection fans in a $450 oven, a $1200 oven, and a $3600 oven. I have a Bosch electric range with convection, and I use my fan all the time if I have several cakes at once, and they turn out equally as well as when I bake 1 or 2 layers with no fan. I think it's a matter of learning and understanding how to use your personal oven.Thermostat and heat distribution are really the two biggest things to me.
@Bakencake, does it fluctuate more at higher temps? Could be a thermostat issue if so. Is a new oven, or did you buy used? It could also be the regulator. If gas flow isn't steady, you can get temp spikes and drops. Honestly even for a less expensive electric, 25 degrees isn't too bad, but it can be aggravating for baking.
It honestly depends on how much you're willing to spend. Honestly, I have always thought that electric ovens were much better for baking (<-former appliance salesperson here). Most of the fans now should be pulling the air out of the oven cavity, and the air is forced back into it around the side for your convection heating. So there shouldn't be any air blowing directly on your cake to dry it out. if you are concerned about a convection fan doing this, you can always add...
Wow. You are extremely brave. I can't wait to see how it turns out. Are you sculpting the toddler based off pictures, or do you get to meet the kid?
Cat, I love the Smiles cake you did! Sorry I missed you folks last night. I was working on my first ever PVC structured cake (a Tangled tower) with bronchitis. So it was a long night and the internet did not get my attention. But the cake turned out wonderfully I think! I can't wait to see my friend's expression.
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