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I'm just really getting into freezing cakes. It's been a life saver. Has anyone ever frozen a 3D cake? Any tips?
Wilton has a chart on their website. www.wilton.com6 inch- 2 cups 8 inch- 3.5 cups10 inch- 6 cups
I was just wondering how long can you freeze a cake before taste and texture are altered?
Thanks Deez Treatz!
I've been asked to make a 3D Minnie Mouse cake for a one year old's birthday. The mother criticized another decorator in conversation with me. I fear what she may say about me if I don't meet her standards. I haven't done much with carving or sculpting. Feeling inadequate for this cake. Can anyone help with any "how to's" or should I just tell her I can't do it?!
I have a wedding cake coming up where the bride wants silk flowers and ribbon. She actually offered to purchase both and bring them to me.
I've used Baker's Joy without any problems. I've also made kind of a homemade Baker's Joy by combining equal parts of shortening, vegetable oil and flour. It works great. Even on 3D pans.
Strawberry cupcake with cream cheese or white chocolate icing (can't decide).
Well there's my problem. I printed the cake recipe from the TLC website. There's no recipe for the custard.
I thought about making that same cake. Where do you find the custard?
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