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Hi BB,I am in sydney and have set myself up with an edible ink printer. Its very expensive to run and you need to use it regularly. where abouts in sydney are you? email me at I haven't been on here for a year and boy have I missed it !
Hi,I am trying to get a recipe that is strong enough and dries quickly enough to glue a gingerbread house together that does not use meriwhite or meringue powder?I have experimented and googled but????? need help please
my average speed is about 12 cookies an hour ( if you broke down each stage of icing and bundled it into 12 cookies) as I am having trouble explaining. If I am doing cookies I try and do about 30 of each at a time as a minimum so its a whole batch of icing per colour and i work a production line. I just did a wedding which had 150 cookies, background, dots around edges, each guests name and then hand painted each dot and shimmered the whole cookie. Then, had to bag,...
I bought and love the KK1000, it can be used in the daylight or in a room with the light on. I always use it for writing on cookies and cakes. Like gemini I would by another one the same day something happened to mine.
Beautiful, thanks for posting and all the detail one is mine, I used the double heart and did a dress and a tux. Hope you like it.LWill try and add photo here but put link just incase.edited to say,der , sorry didnt read the question properly, mine are not bride and groom shapes. sorry.
cakegirl, dont forget to tell her that she also has to help package them. That takes me as long as decorating the flaming things sometimes.goodluck, keep us informed.... I love this forum thanks gals
Sorry georgia, not that I know of. but if you make the dough you can roll and cut and freeze the shapes ready to bake.or make and bake your cookies then freeze them so you can take what you are able to decorate out. If you make a round or square cookie you can put many designs on them.goodluck
I have had to do this a couple of times, but at the clients request, as they have changed their date of their function. I much prefer the fresh option.I individually bag each cookie in cello and heat seal them closed. (only after the cookie is ABsolutley DRy) Then I place them layered between baking paper in an airtight container.When taking them out DO NOT OPEN the container until they have defrosted. this stops the moisture ruining them and your designs Should stay...
There are a couple of threads on here from previously if you do a search, sorry, I dont have time to look it up for you.basically, you have very cold, firm dough and insert the stick and twist as you do it. that way it gets a grip and is less likely to fall out. I bake mine an extra bit so the cookies are firm through means less breakage.good luck
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