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We've used dry ice a couple of times for volcano cakes. We bought the dry ice the day before and kept in the freezer. A cup was built into the volcano where we placed the dry ice and then poured in the water. Coolest thing ever! Depending on how much dry ice is used it will go on for a really long time. And the kids love it..almost as much as my husband. We're going to put some in a pumpkin with glow sticks for halloween. I really don't see how it would affect the...
Haha!  Is that the new line? I hear it's far superior than it's previous line Poof! Maybe it's just me but when I hear that word..Abracadabra..I can't help but hear Bugs Bunny singing in my head...Ladadeedadada..abracadabra...ladadeedadada...hocus pocus..If nobody else knows to what I'm referring, I just embarrassed myself in front of the whole interwebs and I need to stop watching so much dvr'd Looney Tunes with my kids.
Ta-Da!!!  Get it?  Because if you get it, you'll get it. 
I believe she says on her fb page that it's a crusting buttercream.
Have you tried mixing it 50/50 with gumpaste? 
I'm sorry that this is off topic but I had to say something.  I don't know if this term is new or maybe I've just never heard it but I love it!  Haha!  Thank you!
I love me a minion!  I showed 2 of my kids you picture and they both gasped and said "I want that cake"!
Yes.  It should be very cold before you cover.  HTH
I would like to say that I like the idea of the "Price the Cake" Thread.  It's interesting to read about what other people would charge and why they would charge that way.  I will say, that to me, today's doesn't seem to be so much about "showcasing another artists well made cake" and more just picking on i,t which I'm not really interested in reading another person's work belittled.  Just my own thought.  And as jadedlogic said, not everyone who asks what someone would...
I've had this happen to me when I needed red fondant.  I'm no expert but I read too much coloring can cause this.  I slowly worked in corn syrup and it eventually was workable.  Not the best, but workable.  Hope that helps you a little.  I think you can use glycerin if you have that on hand as well.
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