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The majority of the time, our clients either don't have enough information for us to give a quote, OR their ideas are twice their budget and then we have to fiddle around scaling it back. haha. (Such as the one I have been playing ping pong with and who inspired this thread. haha.)
Good would definitely be nice to be able to nail everything down after a 15 minute phone call......
Thanks! We do have quite a few of those on the contact form, and sometimes they fill it all out and sometimes they don't....but still, seems like email time is forever.Guess its just part of the business!
This thread is basically about how to save time from the very first email until the writing up of the contract..... some people are easy..."I want this cake in this many servings and I'll pay your price". Most are not, however....the other extreme being, "I want a cake from you and I have no clue what I want."
Oh okay. You do give ballpark figures, though, right? So they know when they leave that they can "probably" afford the cake?
I hate phone consults but I can see how they would be valuable, even though I'd probably prefer to send the final quote via email for documentation, and also to be able to have time to reasonably price out the quote.And yep....people don't read...that is for SURE. It drives me NUTS.
Yeah, but how do you have time for all those personal consults? Especially if they may not even buy?
Yeah...I'm not sure I like prices on my cakes just because it loses that "boutique" feel, plus, then it also loses the feel of "custom". I don't want them ordering cakes off the website, I want them to order something new.... *Shrug* Guess there's no great answer.
The thing I don't like about phone conversations is: #1: They expect an immediate quote...and sometimes that's not possible until you have time to look it over and research the ideas. Also ideas cannot be pictured over the phone.#2: Nothing is in writing, thus it cannot be referred to by either myself or the client
This actually seems like it might be a really good idea.
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