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I have been asked to make a sheet cake decorated with The Notekins. I have researched the Internet but can only find 3 of the characters (green, purple & red). Does anyone know where I can find a picture of all 7? I would like to print them out as an edible image and place them on the cake. Thanks!
I am baking three 12" round cakes (separately) using DH French vanilla box cake mix & using the extender recipe. First cake turned out fine and the next two have a hard crust like top and it is wet inside when tested w/ a skewer. Anyone know why and what I can do to prevent this?
Thank you Msthang1224. It worked like a charm! I'll try to attach a picture of the cake to show you. Thanks again!!
I use Bunnywoman's buttercream icing recipe. Is there a way to prevent black icing from bleeding onto white buttercream? I need to make a black and white buttercream cake this weekend and I don't want it to look like crap. Any advice would be appreciated.
With my Epson printer I have to clean the printheads & do a print check to see if all of my colors are printing before I print on frosting sheets. I was told by a rep at KopyKake that I can do this w/ regular ink and paper. Once all of the colors print out (mine are a series of 4 lines for each color cartridge) then I can change back to the edible ink and frosting sheets. I know some of you will balk at this, but the rep said there is minimal regular ink left in the...
I often decorate cakes & cupcakes with fondant cutouts so I like to make them ahead of time (1-3 days prior depending on my schedule). What is the best way to store them until I'm ready to use them? I've tried putting them in covered plastic containers but found out that they taste like plastic. Yuk! Should I just lay them on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet and then loosely cover w/ plastic wrap? I would like to know how others store them.I also tried to store pieces...
my suggestion would be to use a styrofoam cone like LisaPeps suggested and maybe attach it to a larger (in diameter) heavy wooden base to anchor it? Also, insert the toothpicks into the cake balls before they dry otherwise they will crack.
I don't like to use Wiltons because of consistency & taste. I like Merckens. If I need to thin it out a bit, I'll use the paramount crystals too.
don't dip them in melted chocolte if they are frozen otherwise the chocolate could crack. What works for me is if they are previously frozen and then put in the refrigerator for a few hours before dipping. There's a fine line between frozen and refrigerated pops and if they are out of the fridge too long they will slide off the stick. Good luck!
I found a glaze recipe (for cupcakes) that calls for confectioners' sugar, one egg white & food coloring. Isn't it dangerous to use raw egg whites in a glaze recipe? I don't want to use it if it's going to make someone sick (especially pregnant ladies!). This recipe came from a published cupcake cookbook. What are your thoughts?
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