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I am new to this and started so I could make fun cakes for my boy's birthdays but then got really into it and LOVE doing it. I have made a few cakes for holidays and birthdays for fun. Everyone loved them but now my lovely mother in law buys me 2 cake mix boxes drops them off and says I need such and such cake for this or that. Usually 3 days before she wants it done. I finally just said that I do this for fun when I have the free time. (Don't get me wrong, someday I would...
I am taking my last of the classes Wilton has to offer. I had very little experience before and they have helped tons to get lots of basics down. Then there is also this site which is invaluable on how helpful it is!! Not sure if you have heard of "cake dummies" yet (discovered them on CC) but they are wonderful to practice on!! Not that eating the cakes isn't a yummy treat but its nice to scrape it off and try and try again in one sitting
I see no similarities either I think it's a GREAT name! I am sure you want everything to be perfect, I would be the same
I just clicked on the warning sign. That is PERFECT!! Thanks for pointing it out!! Completely sums up my time since I have found this site
I am sooooo thankful I found this site, I came upon it by lookin up different cakes on google images. I had no idea what a wonderful world there was where I could learn soooo much!! I told my husband there are many of us that are addicted, that this is my ESPN!! I just ordered some cake dummies (great idea I found on CC) and can't wait for them to get here. I have an in-home day care and I cant wait til nap time to see what has been posted on here!
I am new to cake central and fairly new to decorating. They are right when they warn you that this site is addicting! Kudos to the creators because I can't even begin to tell you how much I have learned from this and it gets all my creative juices flowing. Just wish I had more time in my day to practice. Maybe if I could walk away from the computer and this site.....
I second the sheet cake gallery idea!!
I too LOVE the Wilton cake release
I am new to this but I have found using milk instead of water makes it moister.
That cake is AWESOME!! Bummed for you that nobody got to see it on display. Hopefully it wasn't intentional. I wish more people understood the thought, time, and stress it takes for this art. I am very new to this and really appreciate how hard people work to make a cake special.
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