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Isn't the Italian Creme Filling the same as cream cheese filling? I know that I have used a cannoli filling for a Italian cake. Good luck
After listening to her getting upset with ME on the phone, she wants the topper on the side..I guess she didn't want to pay anymore money and thought I was just going to do it at no extra charge! I can't wait to get this one done and over with! She had the nerve to say the cost for a wedding cake is high enough and refuses to pay anymore than what she has already paid.
Thank you for the replies. You just confirmed what I was worried about. She is not going to like my phone call, but she should of thought about her topper well before now.
I have this wedding cake to do this weekend and I was just told that the 10/8/6 that was ordered is now being changed to a 10/9/8 due to the topper being 8" wide. My question is, has anyone done the sizes 10/9/8? And how did it look? This bridezilla is killing me! I'm just worried that it won't look right.
Thank you for the advice..I have never had a taste test before and told them if they decide to order, a non refundable deposit is due on the day of the tasting. If they decide not to go with me, there will be a fee...But I never thought about premium fees..I think if she does pick one of them, I will raise the price of the cake..I am def. going to include Amaretto and Cannoli filling then.. My (ex) mother in law called and told me about the almond flavor being her...
Thank you for the input..I just might try the cannoli and the amaretto mousse flavors. I think I am just so scared about having my first taste testing...I want to make it perfect for them..
I have my first taste testing for a wedding cake. The bride wants (as said many times) that she wants italian flavors and her husband wants chocolate and some sort of mexican flavor...Problem is: Mainly the italian flavors, what is the most common flavor and should I use the italian buttercream for the filling taste test? Sorry for such a long post, I'm just at a lost on this..
Thank you everyone. I'm going to try mixing colors tomorrow..Wish me luck..The peach colored roses are going on a wedding cake...
I didn't even think about pink...Thank you. I am making fondant roses, I should of wrote that first..Does that make a difference?
I have searched and can't find a color chart to mix for a peachy orange color for roses..Does anyone know a good color chart ?
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