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Okay so I have the old wilton pans, and I love them. So imagine my surprise when I found the Gold Series pans. I fell in love... But sadly I fell out of love after using them the first two times. First off I am not a fan of non dishwasher safe (You may say I am lazy, lol...) But my biggest issue with these pans is that the shear size of them is all wrong. When I bake a layer cake and use two old 8 inch wilton pans and one 8 inch round gold series pan when I stack them the...
OMG! I would have went to jail... LMAO! How ridiculous is that person...
I run a gourmet cupcakery and we charge 1.50 for mini cupcakes and 2.00 for regular sized cupcakes. We sell the regular sized for $20 per dozen. But if they order a large quantity, I ususally work with them on the price. For example, if they order like 5 dozen I would tell them that would usually cost $100 but for them I would "cut them a deal" and give it to them for $80. An added bonus for that is this will create a repeat customer.
Sweet thanks for the advice. When should I bake the cakes off? I dont know when to do it. I imagine it will take me a while to carve and decorate with all the detail. But I dont want the cakes to get old and gross. Is there a secret to this?
Thanks everyone...I thought that the pineapple would be easier cause its just a like a rounded top. Then I would just figure out what to put on top. I am not that experienced with fondant or modeling chocolate. Would I adhere it to the cake before the frosting and detail process? I thought maybe just shaving the cake into that shape but didnt know if the gravity effect would take hold and fall off...
cerasmiles- That would be great if you could find those pictures. It would help me out alot!!And thank you to everyone who is offering there assistance!
So my great grandfathers birthday is coming up in a few weeks and he is a huge golf fanatic. Does anyone have any suggestions or instructions or a template to make a golf bag with some clubs sticking out. Or anyone know of a website with some pictures of one? Thanks in advance
All the baker stores around here actually sell a spongebob color kit with all the colors you need. I dont know where you live but the one I frequant is called Bakers Nook and you can go to there website at
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