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So I totally understand what everyone is saying about illegal bakers. Michigan no longer has illegal bakers, which has hurt business a little at the bakery but not that bad. And that is because of the new cottage law that just passed allowing people to do baked goods out of their home without a license but you haveto state that it was made in a non approved kitchen.With that being said what kind of bothers me is that CC is a place for all people who enjoy making cake and...
I have a wedding that I am doing and the brides colors are navy blue and lime green....I know...But I am still fairly new to the coloring process so can anyone help me out with telling me how to make those two colors and actually have them taste good and not taste like coloring... Any help or pointers would be great, Thanks so much in advance to all my fellow CC'ers!!
Great thank you, that was a QUICK reply
How do you put the ribbon on the cakes without getting those ugly grease marks? Do yo uknow what I mean? I am still a newbie and tried it once and it was a hot mess!
I do a vanilla cake from scratch and once i poor it in the pan i take powdered orange flavored kool-aid of all things and swirl it into the cake like a marble cake. I am not sure how I came across this but the cake comes out AMAZING, hands down the best creamsicle cake I have had and I ususally just pair it with a vanilla buttercream...Try it out and let me know what you think!
I tell people to plan anywhere from 1.5 to 1.75 per guest
Fat Daddio's Is AMAZING!
I got a recipe from my local baking specialty store and it is for one pound of chocolate melting waffers melted and 2/3 cup of corn syrup. I like it but you should cut back a little bit on the corn syrup in my opinion. once the chocolate is melted mix in the syrup it becomes really thick and hard to stir and I chill it for a couple hours in the fridge before I use it.
You may want to use a hair more chocolate so its a thicker consistency...As for the cake stacking...I dont wanna say do it and then you have issues in transport. I HATE delivering I am usually a hot mess the entire time and by the time I get to where I am going I look like I was hit by a car... LOL! However, I just did a cake that was in the shape of spongebobs house. I used one hard plastic cakeboard and it was 6- 8 inch round cakes all torted with filling. But to be safe...
Yes, its an apple corer... Very nice, speeds things up like you wouldnt believe!! You can purchase one just about anywhere, meijers or wal-mart etc...
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